Our Objectives

    • to represent the interests of existing and former employees in the electricity supply industry in England and Wales and their dependants who are, or were participants in the electricity industry’s final salary scheme – the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme.


    • to restore equity in the treatment of the pension benefits of existing and former employees and Board members across the pension groups of the ESPS


    • to represent the interests of employees who are members of money purchase pensions schemes within the electricity supply industry.


    • to do all things lawful in order to represent these interests including supporting the trustees elected by the members under the rules of the Scheme


    • to take legal and other professional advice with the aim of ensuring the protection of existing and future benefits.


    • to work with other like minded organisations representing pensioner interests to seek improvements in the benefits provided through state and company pension schemes.


The Association of Electricity Supply Pensioners is a company financed by subscription limited by Guarantee Registered Number 3148917